I sincerely apologize to all the fans and waiting people out there for the fact that there is currently little to no new music being released. There is a straightforward reason for this: many events in my life are currently having an extremely negative impact on my creativity and I spend a lot of fruitless hours in the studio that could perhaps have been put to better use, but you always only know things like that afterward. To break through this state, I do a lot of physical exercises to clear my mind, experiment a lot with artificial intelligence (don’t worry, not in music!!!), and do a lot of tinkering with sounds and other acoustic stuff. I’m trying to untie a few knots in my ear, brain, and soul by daring to „escape“ and work on a sequel to the DYSTOPIAN FAIRYTALES. Since I have also experimented a little with graphics, I will upload a few albums to the INDEPENDENT RIOT CORPS (the official Facebook fan group) for free use, in which YOU are welcome to tell me your opinion about them. You can find this (facebook) group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fabrikc

If you have suggestions for the name of the acoustic sequel, I’m always open to ideas and suggestions!

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